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About Paul Swayze

Since 2000,  I've shifted my focus many times, to a variety of different industries and specializations including Film, Television, Advertising, Experiential Marketing, Trade Show, Special Events, Etc.  


For the most part, I've maintained an ongoing career in Production Design for Documentary and Docudrama Television, but also branched out to specialize in custom Prop and Set Fabrication for well over a decade of that time.  

While building is no longer my primary focus, I  bring that critical experience and ability along to every design challenge with an earned confidence.  


I received a B.A. in Economics/Poli Sci and two years of Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University before I changed gears completely, and joined the film world.  


Its not the traditional background for an artist, but I've peppered my professional development with a variety of useful courses from George Brown and Seneca along the way to satisfy my developing focuses. 

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