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Documentary & Docudrama Production Companies

Sphere Media, Nikki Ray Media, BMG Productions, Primitive Entertainment, Yap Films, Summerhill Productions Six, King of Sorrow Productions, Winterhouse Films, Boarder2Boarder Entertainment...


TV Ad Campaigns / Productions

Operation/Hasbro, Moen, Holman Comn’s, Space Channel/Engine Smith Prod., McDonalds/Story Stream Creative, Rubbermaid/VMG Cinematic, Street Visions, Dole/Bret Stern Prods,  Tropic Spa/Imanda Inc., (various campaigns)/Rune Entertainment...


Marketing Companies

LAUNCH!, Match Marketing Group, Influence Marketing, Live Spaces Event Marketing Inc., Segal Communications, Environics Communications Inc., Audience Communications, Whirl Inc., Yield Intg. Comn., Hunter Straker, Media Profile, Chartreuse Events, Wasserman Media Group...


Advertising Photographer Ad Campaigns

Absolute,, Bell Sympatico, Cedar Springs, Christie, Coors light, Crispers, Eaton's, The Grid, Home & Garden, Infiniti, Kodak,  Milk, Nike, Novartis, Polisporin, Report On Business, Royal Bank, Shell, Star Choice, Tim Horton’s , Tostitos...

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